Vietcong รหัส : 00732
Type: Shooting
 ราคา 40 บาท
You forge ahead through the thick, oppressive heat. Your erratic
heartbeat and amplified breaths are all that escape the hostile
stillness. Sweat beads down your face as an all too familiar vibration
breaks your concentration. You turn to face the threat while the rookie
lays down a wild burst of gunfire into the trees up ahead. The jungle
explodes into a fiery deathtrap with roars from automatic weapons
interrupting the incoherent shouts from your men. Spin, aim, shoot,
duck, dodge, fire. Your actions form a dance as rapid explosions create a
giant fireball of destruction. And then, as quickly as the chaos sprang
to life, it departs, slipping away into the darkness. A downpour
ensues, quelling the raging jungle, setting things right once again. But
there�s no time to rest. This is a war, and you've got a job to do.

Pentium III or AMD Athlon 700MHz Processor
1.8GB Hard Disk Space
32MB DirectX-compatible Video Card
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Total War: ATTILA - The Last Roman Pride of Nations True Crime - New York City
เกม Vietcong
เกม Vietcong
เกม Vietcong
เกม Vietcong
เกม Vietcong
เกม Vietcong
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